Do Not Vote for Republicans

I’ve had a few days now to reflect on recent things happening in the legal realm that affect the country as a whole and I’ve come to realize just how disgusting the hypocrisy of some of the responses to the results is. I am speaking specifically of Supreme Court decisions but my feeling applies to all levels of judicial jurisdiction.

We live in a country where 9 people are set as the highest level of appellate jurisprudence, the final arbiters of dispute. These people are not always at the top of their game going into their lifetime appointments but working together as a body, they represent one of the most august founts of legal interpretation the world has ever known. They are certainly not infallible but they are, for an amazingly high majority of their opinions, the most well-versed and most well-informed people on the planet.

That being said, the fact that all the Republican presidential candidates had something mean-spirited to say about the Court after their most recently rulings about the ACA and same-sex marriage is so maddeningly disingenuous that I can’t believe any right-minded, moral and ethically sound, and decent human beings could come to these conclusions. When you file a lawsuit, you walk into that court room with a 50/50 shot of winning. You are going to win or you will lose – but you filed that lawsuit with the belief that the system will dispatch your lawsuit in a manner that is equitable for society (in other words, the right of the law will be had, even if its not in your favor). To come out blazing when things don’t go your way and start calling that system names and being generally belligerent and irresponsible in your flippancy is so totally fucking juvenile that it should disqualify you from running for the Leader of the Free World.

Why can’t you just say “Hey, I disagree with the Court’s opinion but I respect their judgement.”? Instead pulling the weightless and empty “judicial overreach” (or any other variety of stupid comments).

Conservative Americans are not stupid or insane or vapid or hypocritical by and large. At least, I like to believe that people I politically disagree with a lot of the time have a brain in their head. But why on earth would you allow the people that represent your party of choice to be so resoundingly stupid? Stop voting for these people who are clearly so way off in left field (well – right-field in this case) that they should probably be locked up and not lauded as the next great conservative movement.

I urge each and every one of you to tell the GOP that enough is enough and not vote for ANY of their shithead loser assholes that don’t have an honest atom in their body. Vote Libertarian. Vote Green. Vote for yourself. I don’t care. Just don’t vote Republican until they wake up and start acting like adults in the modern world instead of sniveling, petulant children that need to be told to go draw their own switch and have their asses beaten bloody.


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