Fast Food Menu

McDonald’s has been in the news a lot lately because of their overly-complicated menu, the ability to custom order add-ons, and the ensuing drop in profits that results.  They seem to think that they are stuck beyond a rock and a hard place. The answer, however, is in your past McDonald’s.  Simplicity.

An old old old McDonalds menu.

An old old old McDonalds menu.

Here’s some rules of thumb that any restaunture could tell you (except for the overly ridiculous The Cheesecake Factory menu):

  1. Less, less, less.
  2. Start with the maximum burger and let people subtract things or double things but never let them specially add things (unless it’s changing bread types for example like Jack in the Box does).
  3. Serve breakfast all day.  Spend the money to make your kitchens work better with breakfast items and lunch items (that don’t always play well together in the same space).
  4. Study and emulate Vancouver, WA based Burgerville, USA by finding and using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Here’s your proposed menu:


  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Big Mac
  • McChicken
  • Filet of Fish
  • Seasonally rotating wrap
  • Seasonally rotating burger
  • Local specific wrap
  • Local specific burger


  • Regular fries
  • Seasonally rotating other option (either a different kind of fry or something else like deep fried pickles.)


  • Four choices including one seasonally rotating and one local specific.


  • Normally available soft drinks
  • Normally available shake flavors
  • McCafe items
  • Orange juice
  • Bottled Water
  • Milk and Chocolate milk


  • Existing breakfast menu

That’s it.  Nothing more.  Less than 30 items (not including drink options) and you are back in the black!


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