What Bothers Me Today: The Debt Limit

Keep Calm and Abolish the Debt LimitDid you know that the debt limit is completely and one-hundred percent meaningless other than as a political tool?


Not surprising since most Americans seem to think they do not need to know anything about how their government operates and would prefer to just stick their fingers in their ears and scream LA LA LA LA LA until it goes away.

Did you notice that you could not file your income tax return until January 31 this year when normally it is available around the 15th?

Yes?  And you are angry!?

Surprise!  The debt limit is robbing you of your hard-earned and carefully (not) saved vacation money!  The IRS closed for several weeks during the last government shutdown because of the debt limit and various other bullshit political things that do nothing but destroy confidence in the American dollar.

For those of you who live under a rock (which is most of you) and think the Debt Limit has something to do with the President and frivolous spending – here’s my favorite explanation of how it works.  In short, your Congress-members and Senators are at fault for the debt limit, the posturing, and everything else that goes along with it.

In short, everyone should write their elected representatives and get a “REMOVE THE DEBT LIMIT” campaign going since it’s just a stupid, ignorant, idiotic smoke-and-mirrors sham to sling mud and nothing more.  But since most Americans fit this description because they choose to ignore being civic-minded – I know this is a waste of my time to even write.

Also, make sure you subscribe to the CGP Grey channel – he puts out super awesome videos!  Go on, do it.  It’s not like you’re paying attention to the world going down the toilet or anything.


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