What Bothers Me Today: Ignorant Bigoted Fuckheads from the Midwest

Keep Calm and stop Being IgnorantIn the wake of the Super Bowl, it falls upon the American people to analyze all the $4-million-per-30-second commercials that showed.  Two in particular seem to have Americans (not true Americans, but the white folks in the middle of the country that seem to have forgotten that they came from Europe).  According to the news sources I scan each day, Cheerios and Coca-Cola have brought God’s ire down upon us simply for using common sense and showing reality.


In this commercial, which is an update to a long running ad campaign , we see that Gracie is an inter-racial child with a black father and a white mother – with another inter-racial child on the way.  The fact that the white mother does not say a word and appears for a total of 5 seconds is what the ignorant fucks of this great country of ours focus on – instead of the point:  Cheerios are colorless and are good for everyone.  While General Mills indeed makes a small bit of racial commentary, we, as a country, are way beyond even considering that there was an issue with the inter-racial couple.  Having grown up and lived on the West Coast – where black/white, black/Hispanic, Hispanic/white, white/Asian,  and black/Asian couples occur with much regularity, I didn’t even notice it until the news pointed out that people who should not even be on Twitter for being stupid as fucking boxes of hair had made a stink.

Kevin’s Opinion:  Gracie is an adorable child, the parents are everyone’s parents.  Stop being ignorant.  Congratulations to Cheerios for showing “when a family eats breakfast together, amazing things can happen.”


I must have stepped away from the television when this commercial came on because I had not seen it until I came across the news articles damning it.  We live in a country that built on the backs of every other country on Earth.  It seems to me that it is illogical and nonsensical to complain about a song being translated into other languages.  The indignation about “our beautiful song” being somehow defiled by translating it into Spanish, Yiddish, Arabic, Russian and a handful of other prevalent languages is particularly displeasing to me as those languages are spoken by large minorities across this country every second of every day… and for most of you Midwesterners that derived originally from German-speaking or Irish-speaking (or any other European area) it is just bad juju that God will remember.

Kevin’s Opinion:  “America, The Beautiful” is a song celebrating our country and ALL the people who make it up.  It is completely natural for the song to be sung in the native languages of the people who make us strong.  Lest we forget that English IS NOT the official language of this country and that our ancestors all came from places that DID NOT speak English most likely.  Stop being ignorant.  Kudos to Coca-Cola for showing us that “the only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist:

It is possible that the fabulous musical, Avenue Q, summed it up best with the notion “everyone’s a little bit racist and if we’d just admit it, maybe we’d get along better.”


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