What Bothers Me Today: Stop Wasting My Time

Keep Calm - Hakuna MatataAs most are aware, I am very prickly about time. More specifically: my time. My time is valuable and important to me, it’s costly and I don’t like it needlessly wasted when it could be avoided. When it comes to time, I very aware of it and make sure I am always early to most appointments and events because I choose to respect the fact that others may find that their time is also valuable and important to them.

After nearly 40 years on this planet, I have yet to realize that no one gives a damn about time except their very own. The fact that I made plans with someone months in advance and periodically checked in to make sure there was interest seems lost on everyone when it comes the day of and one of the following happens:

  • They can’t be found or they are ignoring me
  • They start asking ridiculous and selfish questions about when they get drunk or high because my plan is impacting their daily -ions and -isms
  • They tell me everything’s a go and then everything falls apart at the last possible second leaving me in some lurch which generally occurs when it’s sub-freezing out

I think it is a Seattle thing since I have never experienced the phenomenon at the shear epic scale that occurs here.  It is one of the reasons why I truly detest this city and the people in it.  It is not hard to pick up a phone or send a text or email well in advance.  It is also easier to not agree to something in the first place instead of leading someone on.  But Seattleites LOVE to stab people in the back or be non-confrontational in a passive-aggressive way.  They feel its less of an issue if they just put their head in the sand instead of owning up to whatever the facts are.

On the other hand, it could be me expecting too much out of people.  I realize that by making an effort to include people in things I might be pushing them away even though that makes no sense to anyone anywhere but people in Seattle.  It was one thing when I lived down the street from everyone and could just go home.  But everyone (especially those tonight) is well aware that it takes me an hour each direction to get around from home to the city on the bus because I haven’t owned a car since 1997 , that it costs me money that I don’t have since I’ve been unemployed for most of a year and a host of other minor considerations that people could take into account before they flake.  I would do them that honor and respect, and I am sure I’ve paid my karma debt back so I’m not sure why I’m not due the respect back.

People please grow up and start paying attention to the big picture; look beyond the end of your nose.


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